Rehabilitation and a home exercise routine is key to the recovery of most if not all conditions we see at the clinic. We will spend time carefully selecting the correct exercise and stretching program for your individual needs. This may include a few daily stretches, propriocprion (balance) conditioning, a specific muscle strengthening program and/or Pilates style “core” work.

Working in this way will help to speed up the recovery of your condition and ultimately help to prevent re-occurrence of your symptoms in the future.


Another key area we focus on is educating people on their condition. We firmly believe that if people have a greater understanding on what is happening and a basic grasp of the anatomy involved, they will be more likely to listen to the advice we give.

For example…everyone knows that you should not bend when lifting…but WHY is that?
Should I put HOT or COLD on the painful area and WHY?
What actually is a “slipped disc” and WHY is it taking so long to get better?

Clinical Assessment – Diagnosis – Treatment – Education – Rehabilitation = MORE EFFECTIVE RECOVERY


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